We are fascinated by both science and mythology, but we never took side in their everlasting quarrel. In fact, we see romantic relationship blooming between them. At least, we can imagine it, because we see from outside their boxes. We are open to wonders offered by both worlds. Wonders we can use to create our own world. We are always fascinated by the extremes but never become one. We are Wellborn.

Fools gossip and quarrel. Commoners pass by and adapt. Wise-men dream and invent. We do them all in the same time.

There are extremes in this world. The opposing forces. Science and mythology, documentary and fiction, fact and hoax, and ultimately, good and evil. Don’t take sides. Explore them all. Break them all. Realize new possibilities. See from outside the box and get in there again. Make things up. Tell lies and truths, all at the same time. Forget what is true or false, search for meanings instead. Search it outward and inward, and share your findings because all people are one.

Everybody is Wellborn.